She Has Drive is a collective of writers that explores the issues facing women. We strive to share their stories and our own. 

Our authors:

What is SheHasDrive?

Part feminist issues, part anything women might care about

SheHasDrive is focused on sharing the human stories behind feminist issues, and why the issues - and the stories matter to everyone, not just women. We want these stories to be easily accessible so we thought we’d deliver them right to your inbox, but you can also read stories online.

The SheHasDrive newsletter is a mix of original thoughts and opinions we write ourselves alongside context to news stories on topical issues. We also want to help others share their story in their own words through interviews and personal contributions.

A feminist newsletter to spark conversations

That talks about why feminism needs to be feminism.

We think feminism is for everyone, but we recognize a person may be at different levels of engagement, activity, or comfort about what they understand feminism to be.

Feminism at its most basic is about being human, so we can start the conversation there about the complex, complicated issues we all face. Feminism is still relevant but still evolving, so we want to share stories of how people experience feminism today.

Conversations are two-sided

We hope this newsletter helps you feel connected to others both through our similarities and differences. If you’re starting a conversation from this newsletter, we invite you to share with us. We’re seeking contributors, people who will share their story with us in an interview or on your own, or write about the issues that you as a feminist care about.

This newsletter is an opportunity for all of us to grow as we find our way through the 21st century - a time when the search for understanding of different experiences is as important as ever. If we won’t seek other perspectives, ask the hard questions about being inclusive, then we’re part of the problem.

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s someone else out there experiencing the same thing - at work, in dating, in family conversations, whatever - we hope to share those stories.