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Can We Talk?

Question: What happens when there is diversity without inclusion? Or, getting more to the point, what happens when women are brought into an organization but struggle to get a seat at the table? And even when they do, they don't get heard?

Answer: Not much. Or, more aptly, more of the same.

Here's the truth: If the only thing an organization is focused on is upping the number of women they employ or promote, they're simply playing a numbers game. The entire objective becomes a process through which they get to check all the right boxes. So a woman might get recognition through a promotion, or even a raise. But, she may lack the clout, respect, and support needed to be viewed as a serious player within her organization.

Join us for a candid discussion on what happens when companies focus singularly on diversifying its workforce without building and encouraging an inclusive environment that supports and ensures success. (Hint: it would be like going for a 10 mile hike with your hiking boots on, but no socks!) Come and hear about what it takes for a woman to go from being an employee, to becoming a manager, to being a leader with a strong voice at the table.

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