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How Diversity Shapes Products from Small to Large Companies

Join Women In Product for an exciting discussion between Chloe Harford (VP of Product at OfferUp, previously at Zillow) and Bonny Lau (Head of Product at Glowforge, previously at Zillow and Google), facilitated by Natalie Angelillo (VP of Community at OfferUp)

Women in Product and OfferUp have partnered to host an in-depth discussion of why it's important to have diverse teams building products, what it’s like for women to build products at large vs. small companies, and some of the challenges and learnings from the personal stories of our panelists along the way. These seasoned women leaders are working to create a robust ecosystem for female product leaders here in Seattle and shaping many of the essential products of our everyday lives. They will share insights from their experiences at companies from pre-launch to Fortune 500.

This event is primarily for women and non-binary people who work in product management, or those interested in pursuing product management as a career in the future. Our goal is to build a supportive community of women and non-binary people on a topic that we all care about. Our male allies are also welcome!

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